Summer Sorbetto

Many customers exclaim "So Smooth!" when they taste the sorbetto we make at the gelateria. My guess is they have been eating "sorbets" at restaurants, which are usually the icy, chunky, granita-style "fruit ice" for desserts and palate-cleansing.

Even high-end restaurants make the same mistake and offer granita as "sorbet". As far as I understand sorbet or sorbetto is a kind of dairy-free gelato; usually made with fruits. The mouthfeel and texture should be similar to the dairy gelato.

The reason why we do not usually add dairy to our fruit flavours is simply that fats dilute the "fresh" taste of the fruit, and we feel it does no justice to the delicious flavour of the fruit.

I hope readers learn something new here, and please try the sorbetto at the gelateria! They are really delicious (fat-free if I may add), goes down well in this heat and pairs really well with the other gelato flavours.

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